UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special

UNO Magazine Makes Summer Hotter with 2014 Swimsuit Special

UNO Magazine’s weather forecast for the summer: It’s going to be scorching hot, sexy and awesome all at once.  And it’s not going to be because of the sun or the beach. It’s because of the collector’s mag,  UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special, we have lovingly prepared for the rainy days ahead.

Manila’s temperature hitting thirty-six degrees? Please. That’s winter compared to not one, nor two, but FOUR cover girls that we have.

Ryza Cenon, Danica Torres, Mercedes Cabral and Aubrey Miles each get a solo cover so good it’s going to melt your face off.


UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special

1 COVER Swimsuit V8
Ryza Cenon

On the other hand, cover girl Ryza Cenon has that uncanny ability to look both girly-sweet and madly alluring in one perky package. This home-grown Kapuso star looks younger than her age but speaks with wisdom and experience, and the occasional girlish giggle to remind us that she is indeed still a girl.

 She reveals how she has learned to take on wifely qualities like cooking and baking and her love for her pets, one of them being a gay dog. This budding chef also comes up with her list of what will make her say yes to a guy.


1 COVER Swimsuit V82

Danica Torres

Danica Torres, who first got noticed because of her very, very tiny waist but more than ample chest through Facebook. She has since gone on to car shows and modeling around the world.

 The self-confessed beach bum that she is, Danica gives us the low-down on the best beaches for her and why, even with her jet-setting ways, she prefers local over international.

1 COVER Swimsuit V83

Mercedes Cabral

Mercedes Cabral, fresh from a two-month stint filming a movie in Denmark, who looks anything but frozen. Her dusky complexion and curvy body seem to make any swimsuit look like a stand-out piece, even if it’s a simple black or orange number.

 Mercedes is smart, sassy and sexy and isn’t afraid to speak her mind on anything: from her frustrations in an industry obsessed with big-name stars to her high hopes for the same industry she so obviously loves.

1 COVER Swimsuit V84

Aubrey Miles

Hot momma is an understatement for cover girl Aubrey Miles, who, four years ago, managed to make thermal bandages and pants look, well, hot and sexy on her UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special cover. She has managed to transition from just sex symbol to sex symbol slash fitness icon, because let’s face it, with a body like that, this Kapatid star will never lose her first status.

 This busy mom of two–yes, pick your jaw off the floor, she’s a mom–shares her secret to keeping her toned body that toned and extremely firm. She even may surprise many with the fact that she owns a business and that’s she’s obsessed with all things motherhood as well.

But wait, there’s more!

Inside you’ll find more hotties in bikinis gracing our pages – Jacq Yu, Kookai Sarmiento, Georgina Knight, and Emmerie Cunanan – and it’s going to be no mean feat tearing your eyes away from those toned bodies. Spectacular, mind-blowing and sinfully delicious, UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special will guarantee that your summer never ends.


Jacq Yu

 Jacq Yu

Kookai Sarmiento

Kookai Sarmiento

Georgina Knight3

Georgina Knight

Emerie Cunanan 2

Emmerie Cunanan

Pick up the UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special that’s sure to get your temperatures, and more, rising, in a very, very good way.


The UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special will be available at major bookstores, convenience stores and selected outlets starting today.

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